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About Vine Branch Fellowship

In 2001, Alex and Shené Scott committed their time and energy to serving their communities in youth ministry, as a firefighter, and as a teacher. Due to their passion to help others and the life-altering events they experienced performing their career responsibilities, they focused their attention on volunteering to assist those individuals and families they met

In 2013, they, as well as their two children, experienced life-altering challenges within their family. Shené was stricken with severe food allergies that include gluten, peanuts, and tree nuts. Alex was experiencing issues with hypoglycemia. One child was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity and the other with Type 1 diabetes.

About Vine Branch Fellowship

After experiencing these obstacles within their family, helping through volunteering, donating monetarily, and collecting resources for people in need only quenched their thirst on a small scale. The Scotts felt a strong desire to do more and share what they had learned through their life changes. The desire to help others on a larger scale brought about the inception of Vine Branch Fellowship in 2019. With the help of friends, family, and relationships established over 20 years, the Scott family has been helping others. Vine Branch Fellowship was created to focus on fellowship, promoting healthy lifestyles, charitable giving, and education programs in the local and surrounding communities.

Vine Branch at work in Byars Dowdy Elementary School.

Vine Branch Fellowship designs programs to equip individuals, families, seniors, and low-income groups with the tools to create healthier food options. We seek to combat the growing concerns of diabetes, celiac, obesity, depression, and other chronic health illnesses. VBF creates opportunities with a centralized focus of connecting individuals and/or families with opportunities to assist those in need, through installing school and community gardens, nutrition classes, education, and volunteering.

VBF strives to connect the VINE of resources in communities to a BRANCH of individuals in need of assistance through FELLOWSHIP opportunities.